We believe that food truly has the power to transform life.

Index is a high protein, 70% certified organic (29% grass fed whey + 1% natural sea salt) meal replacement bar made with the very best ingredients available, without compromise. We formulate every product in our line with peak performance and everyday optimal nutrition in mind. Our products are made with clean, wholesome, gluten free, dairy free, non-gmo, certified organic ingredients that are methodically chosen, ethically sourced and highly nutritious.
No Compromises
As a company we take an honest approach to pure, clean and superior nutrition. Our unique philosophy places us at the precipice of fitness and whole foods. What sets us apart from our counterparts in the fitness industry is that we don’t use GMO corn, hormone-filled ingredients, artificial flavors or synthetic sweeteners. We consciously steer clear of these unhealthy filler ingredients that are normally used only to meet macro nutritional numbers. We reach performance-enhancing nutritionals the right way. What differentiates us from our organic bar peers is our dedication to avoiding performance-crushing nutrients like high sugar, high carbs and low protein. We remain unflinchingly driven to provide the best nutrition for both competitive athletes and life warriors committed to the pursuit of superior fitness and truly healthy living. We choose real food, real ingredients and 100% optimal fuel for the body.

Sport of Life

The sport of life is Index’s philosophy on approaching a lifestyle that treats life, health, fitness and personal mindset as a sport. It’s a way of being that demands the same dedication, commitment, drive and passion that becoming a champion in sports demands, but goes beyond the court and the field and applies those same integrity of principles to every aspect of life.